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Organic or not?

When is it truly necessary to go organic?

Sometimes, we refuse a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate from a well-meaning friend. They would retort in amazement that 'this is organic!' It could be brought from the best organic health food store and has all the organic ingredients. However, it could also contain copious amounts of sugar, even if the sugar is organic. Hence, ‘organic’ here does not necessarily mean it is healthy. Organic sugar is still sugar which could be in its refined form.

Surely then there is no necessity to purchase organic foods? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has concluded that there is no difference in nutritional content between organic and non-organic (conventional) produce. Yet, it is well worth to note:

1) at least one pesticide remains on 63 percent of produce, even after washing (studies from the Environmental Working Group). Of course we do not immediately observe health problems hours after eating such produce, but the effects could potentially harm us in the long term.

2) Many research studies have shown that pesticides can cause problems such as cancer, hormone disruptions, reproductive and birth defects( Eating organic meat and organic dairy can also ensure that we are not consuming antibodies, added hormones and GMO products as farm-raised animals are often fed GMO grains ( Soybeans that are not organic are also one of the most genetically-modified foods.

Organic food is expensive! We often lament about that. Thus the guide from the link below gives us an updated list of the Dirty Dozen (foods we really should attempt to buy organic) and Clean Fifteen (foods which carry lesser pesticides) to help us cope with our expenses. Many of our supermarkets are stocking many leafy greens and fruits (local and imported) which we can enjoy. Going local always helps us save some money.

It would be ironic to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for health but obtain an adverse reaction from the chemicals lurking in these produce instead. Perhaps we should invest money for our health now than pay for it in our later years. Have fun shopping!

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