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Berry Simple Smoothie

For a revitalizing quick breakkie before work!

Berries are great immune boosters as they are potent sources of vitamins, such as vitamin C. They are great antioxidants that help us combat free radicals, and are hence, cancer-fighting. Berries are great for our digestive system. For example, blueberries help to heal the intestinal lining. One great news about berries is that they have low glycemic index (GI), meaning they do not spike our insulin levels as much compared to high sugar fruits such as mangoes and grapes. More about insulin and sugar in an upcoming post

We can make a mixed berry smoothie for a quick grab and go breakfast before the weekday rush!

Mixed berries smoothie


1/2 cup nut milk (Check out our nut milk recipe in another post!)

handful of ice

1/2 orange

1/2 banana

handful of mixed berries.

You can find frozen organic berries at Fairprice Finest, that are not glazed with sugar.

Freezing helps to lock the nutrients in the fruits and enable them to last longer.

Choose organic berries as they are part of the dirty dozen list.


This luxurious smoothie is excellent for an energising and refreshing boost! A toast to our health!

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